Disabled- Owned Businesses

Our agency specializes in supporting people with disabilities in starting or growing their businesses. We have helped hundreds of clients assess the market and build their business dream into reality.

Feasibility Assessments and Advices

As ‘Qualified Business Experts’ our agency understands the complexity involved with starting or growing a business. Working with an agency can be challenging because of all the policies, rules, and paperwork involved. Often there are committee reviews, specific assessment requirements, and restrictions on the amount of funding available.  We are here to help you through the process! After a decade supporting entrepreneurs through the vocational process we know how important it it to work together so that the process is smooth and simplified instead of challenging and complex.

Disabled-Business Coaching Program

Our agency offers clients with one or more disabilities an interactive online coaching program. Topics include more than business strategies.

Other topics have included:

  • Building businesses while you are on social security benefits

  • Tapping into the Pass Plan program

  • Reviewing the Ticket to Work program

  • Handling health and business needs

and much much more.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Coaching Program

Most vocational rehabilitation classes didn’t take business classes in college nor have they started or operated a business. Yet each year they have to work with clients that are interested in exploring small businesses. There is a lot of paperwork, time involved, and often confusion with the process itself.

To help counselors familiarize themselves with the self-employment process we offer a monthly online interactive coaching program designed to empower the counselors with information and resources.

Topics include the following:

  • Understanding the self-employment process

  • What is feasibility first mean?

  • How do I know if its a complete business plan?

  • The client just needs $ 500.00 do we still need to do a feasibility?

  • What are things that the client can research?