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Kedma is the most dynamic, energetic, and professional business leader and entrepreneur I've worked with in Portland. She is passionate about her business and the non-profit she founded, as well as an incredible resource assisting entrepreneurs and inventors in growing their business.
Carroll Bernard – Viking Government Services
She does it for all the right reasons...Kedma cares as deeply as anyone can about the issues inventors face in our industry. She's a self starter, with a sharp mind and a huge heart.
Mark T. Reyland – United Inventors Association of America
Executive Director
AVITA is a leader in their field. They are very knowledgeable about Business Concepts, Planning and Feasibility Assessments . Their ideas are innovative and to the point. If you are looking for success in your field, I highly recommend AVITA to help achieve it.
Kedma Ough is highly respected among her colleagues for her willingness and ability to provide professional business guidance and counsel. She has been instrumental in helping many perspective business owners follow their dreams and succeed, including myself. She is highly organized, diligent in her paperwork, easily reachable, and takes pride in always being on time. Kedma has had an amazing impact on the appearance and functionality of the Avita Business office. Through her strong leadership I have come to learn and adapt my ideas and concepts of being a professional to a system that was created for success and proven over the years to hold true. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Kedma Ough will gain great insight from her knowledge and is guaranteed to be on the road to a successful career. I could not feel more honored and privileged to have Kedma as my mentor, I will be forever indebted to her.
Josh Tomac
Josh Tomac – Tomac Solutions, L.L.C.
Kedma's amazing ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets is no news. Her extensive business experience aligned with her academic background makes her an invaluable resource to work with. Nothing new there for who works and knows Kedma... More importantly she is a personable, caring and dedicated human being to greater causes and benefit to others than herself. She is fun, smart and a great resource to have in your network!
Rodrigo Geaorge
Rodrigo George, PMP

If you like straight forward, reliable and detailed knowledge without the sugar coat, Kedma is the person you want to work with. I came into her program without any expectations and totally beat down from this stagnant economy. From our very first meeting, my hunger for success has been reignited by her..thank you Kedma!!

Larry Covert, Jr.
Kedma has played a paramount role in the development of my invention and subsequent company setup. She has a very in depth knowledge of the process, is very intelligent, and knows how to get things done. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to bring their idea to market.
Marcus Duffin
Marcus Duffin – Oral HEALTH Outreach
Director of Marketing and Strategy
PIVOT Job Corps recently had the honor of hosting Kedma for a guest speaking engagement. Kedma provided a motivational presentation that inspired the female Job Corps population. Kedma has a natural way of engaging her audience while empowering them to set and reach their goals.
Elizabeth Beal
Elizabeth Beal – Parker + Lynch
Executive Recruiter
My experience was profound! Spiritual in some sense and insightful on every level of business for me when I had my consultation with Kedma. Kedma insight was pure wisdom worth a million thank you's" and more! and still that is not enough. To anyone seeking Kedma services will be in great hands and support. Kedma will listen and hear you as she replies back with straight forward impulse of clear communication for you to be inform and understand filled with knowledge. Please seek Kedma out for your business. Kedma will guide you and direct you in areas where you need for you and your company to have the opportunity to THRIVE!"
Chad Brown M.Sc.
Chad Brown M.Sc.
Creative Director / Designer • Photographer

Kedma has been an amazing resource for me from developing my product to finding innovative ways to target specific markets and get the results I am looking for. Her knowledge is invaluable and I am looking forward to many more projects to come. Thanks so much, Kedma!

Jenny Peters