Kedma is knowledgable & thorough, high expertise and professionalism.

Elizabeth Salerno

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Kedma regarding some future business ideas. I found her very knowledgeable, informed and willing to assist me in my goals both current and future. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a professional opinion and guidance on business planning and look forward to continuing to work with Kedma as my business goals become reality.

Beth Rohleder – Insurance Analyst
Kedma works tirelessly in her pursuit of perfection. We used her services to negotiate terms on a patent royalty agreement and she was able to turn around results in record time. This feedback from her and her team is invaluable to us. Thanks Kedma!
Jon Schaeffer
Jon Schaeffer – LAM Research
Sr. Engineering Manager
Kedma is the best professional business director for business success seekers. Thank you Kedma
Amal Cooley
Amal Cooley
Business Entreprenuer

When my husband and I met with Kedma, I had my mind set in one direction. After meeting with her, my husband was relieved to see that I had finally become open minded. Kedma was masterful in helping me see the big picture.

Shemia Fagan
I am drawn to Kedma for her enthusiasm to strengthen and help progress people and small businesses. She is a superb motivator, and I look forward to a continued relationship.
Christine Eichorn
Christine Eichorn
Multi-Disciplined Designer

Kedma is a leader in her field. She is very knowledgeable about business concepts. Her ideas are innovative and to the point. If you are looking for success in your field, I recommend Kedma to help achieve it.

Mei Wong

I was one of the student that was truly inspired by Kedma's motivational speech. Thank you again.

Ashley Parker

On Friday the 21st of May, 2010, I had the wonderful opportunity of listening to Kedma give an Informational/Motivational presentation in my class. She was a pure joy and an inspiration to us all! Kedma is a wealth of invaluable resources. Sincerely, Trina

Trina Chappelle

Kedma is an invaluable resource to inventors and emerging entrepreneurs. She has a wealth of knowledge about all of the 'ins and outs' of the process of bringing a product to the market and is passionate about helping these individuals reach their goals efficiently and effectively. In addition, Kedma is 'a ball of fire' and a sheer delight to work with!

Katie Kelley

I've enjoyed collaborating on inventor-related projects with Kedma. She's focused, energetic and competent, and I welcome her as an emerging force in the inventor assistance community. Kedma Ough is one of a precious few professionals making truly selfless investment in helping America's entrepreneurs and innovators.

Don Kelly, CLPâ„¢

Kedma, has exceptional business skills and passion for what ever she does, this makes for a powerful conbination. Kedma ran our agencies Womens Business Center in Pima County, Arizona, she grew it from an idea to a very successful 5 year program, which is still going strong many years later. I remember when the SBA District Director would come into our office with his staff he always remarked on the high energy level that he felt. This level of energy was their because of Kedma and her leadship. What a wonderful gift it was to have worked with Kedma! Rosalyn Boxer

Rosalyn Boxer

I find Kedma an extremely bright, creative and passionate advocate for independent inventors. Her curiosity in exploring issues critical to inventors is impressive, matched by her resolve finding real solutions. Add a sense of humor, a comforting ability to put those around her at ease and a strong desire to give something back to the inventor community, and you have all the ingredients for a special person.

Warren Tuttle

Kedma has soo many skills it's hard to write them all down. Kedma was my first 'Boss' after relocating to Portland. She was open, straight talking and honest something that always brings the best out in her team. I enjoyed working/ learning from her. Her door was always open to everyone who walked through it. She has solid ties to the community and truly believes in making it a better place for those seeking to improve the local economy.

Claire Pierpoint

Kedma is a power-house! She has the passion to help underserved populations achieve their dreams, and she has the business acumen to ensure that her efforts are sustainable. What a great asset she is to Portland and the rest of Oregon!

Valerie Plummer