I heard Kedma give an energizing presentation at an event I attended. What an inspiration she is! If you want your crowd to be inspired and take away knowledge they can put to use immediately to improve their own life and the lives of others, I can think of no one better than Kedma!

Tia Ribary

Kedma knew just how to guide me toward the development of my courage when dreaming and planning my business. Her business acumen and attunement to the pulse of the industry created a clear guiding light! She's personable and results oriented and our work together left me with a dynamic plan!

Jacke Schroeder, MSW, LCSW-C

Kedma is one of the most passionate, dedicated professionals I have ever met. She is creative, dynamic and visionary. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for great advice and resources.

Michael Doss

Kedma was a pleasure to work with. She helped me to construct a business plan for my company. She listened and helped to commit my thoughts and goals to paper. She did an amazing job, and the process was a pleasure rather than a battle. She also recommended my company for a Wells Fargo dt_testimonials video which has proven to be a great tool for helping the national expansion of my business. I look forward to working with Kedma more and highly recommend her to a business owner in any capacity.

Mary Lou Burton

Kedma is a professional who has a demonstrated track record and commitment to small disdavantaged businesses.

Tony Jones

I had the privilege of working on Mentoring Programs with Kedma when she was with Women's Business Center in Tucson, AZ. She is the ultimate professional, focused on results with a passion yet personable and fun to be around.

Jim Parker

Words are not sufficient to describe Kedma Ough. This is because she is a continuously moving target, constantly growing, evolving, and adapting to changes in her surroundings. This is when she is not making the changes happen herself. Kedma is bright and quick-witted without pretense, business-focused accompanied by passionate interpersonal communication, and proned to alternating intensity with laughter. She will follow up on her committments and deliver more than what was asked of her. Kedma is the best person to be an advocate for you, and will draw on her formidable resources to solve problems. I am fortunate to know her, and she has inspired me to ignore barriers and dream big.

Gregory Wolley, MS

Kedma Ough is an amazing Executive Director and individual. She is the force and inspiration behind many projects that I have worked with her in. Ms. Ough is a constant professional who uses her intelligience and heart to help clients succeed in their business dreams. Kedma is my mentor and I enjoy working with her everyday!

Samantha Sproson, MBA

Kedma and her group are an incredible resource for new ventures, start ups and inventors. They were always 100% behind us in our efforts. They helped us tap into many different valuable resources and connections as well as provide excellent advice and feedback. I highly recommend Kedma and her group's services.

Richard Miller

Kedma is a highly organized and hard working professional who cares deeply about the success of her clients. We've helped each other in several areas over the past five years, including her helping me with one of my clients' business plans, and with devising and executing strategies to grow her organization. I enjoy working with Kedma, I learn from her, and I am continually impressed with her.

Tom Cox
I recently worked on putting together several proposals for youth development funding for a community organization. Kedma saw my update on LinkedIn and contacted me to find out what she could do to help. At this point, I had only 24 hours to finalize the presentation but Kedma did not let that stop her. She took off like a rocket and I am not exaggerating. She spent the next 14 hours expanding one of the initial proposals into one of the coolest ideas I have ever seen! I was absolutely stunned by the amount of work she put in, at the last second, with no expectation of return. Her dedication to even this small project earned my respect and admiration and a strong desire to work with her to make it happen. She is an incredible asset to any team.
Marie Daniels

If you ever have a client that is entrepreneurial, has a great idea and looking to take it to market, then you need to have them meet with Kedma. With her expertise’s and contact base, she can help those that have a great idea but do not qualify within bank parameters. She is truly the entrepreneur’s friend.

David Saltzman
Kedma has my highest recommendation as a professional well versed in her consulting field of business development and self-employment opportunities. She is an expert at feasibility analysis for product development and self-employment. I enjoyed working with her and continue to work with her in another capacity and it's great.
Christine Knapp
Christine Knapp
Executive Director InventSuccess

Kedma is a super woman!!! We attended the 2009 Emerge Oregon program together. Her focus on innovation, small businesses and entrepreneurship led to us having great conversations about future projects given my patent law background. Kedma also taught me a lot about the Jewish faith, for which I am deeply grateful. It was wonderful to develop a deep friendship and come together as Oregon business women. I would highly recommend her!!!

Saba Ahmed
I have known and worked with Kedma for more than 8 years and find her professional, intelligent, compassionate and insightful. She works diligently on behalf of her clients and understands their needs. More importantly, Kedma is resourceful and can facilitate progress toward the business goals.
Celia Barlow
Celia Barlow
Estate Planning and Corporate Attorney