Kedma and her company provide great service. She's creative, enthusiastic, professional, and a lot of fun to work with. I recommend her highly.
Barry Mack
Barry Mack – Barry Mack Art, LLC

The Portland micro-enterprise community is blessed to have such a passionate dynamo in Kedma working on their behalf. Her advocacy and mentoring empowers people of all backgrounds to take their ideas and dreams and make them reality. She's an inspiration!

Sarah Keefe
I have most recently been associated with Kedma Ough through the Oregon Small Business Advisory Council where we are fellow members of this Governor's appointed council. Kedma will play an important advisory role for Oregon’s small businesses, especially because of her knowledge and experience with disability and innovation in small business. Kedma's perspective is essential in helping to inform OECDD staff and in turn, in advising the Governor on small business policies. She has brought a level enthusiasm I seldom witness in boards and committees. Her communication skills and ability to stay-on-task are exceptional.
Bridget Bayer
Bridget Bayer – Historic Parkrose NPI
District Manager

Kedma is a well grounded individual with a business sense that we could all learn from, and she uses that business sense to motivate others.

Ramona Thornton
I was a volunteer at Avita & Associates for two and a half years. During this time I worked closely with Kedma and her non-profit programs including the Micro-Inventors Program of Oregon. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from her. I admire Kedma’s vision and dedication to positively impacting communities. With her broad expertise and sincere interest in supporting especially disadvantaged people, she has helped many clients.
Antje Terayama
Antje Terayama – Scandinavian Heritage Foundation
Database Administrator/Office Assitant

Kedma is an amazing woman. Her grasp of the business world from a marketing and creative process are always spot on. She can thnk around many different situations quickly and I am sure she cannot talk as fast as her mind races....AND She Can TALK !! She is a terrific person - ALWAYS on YOUR side !!!!

Lorraine Spiering

To know Kedma is to be amazed by her knowledge, skill, dedication, perseverance and long list of accomplishments. She is a true powerhouse and definitely someone you want in your corner as a proven champion for people who works tirelessly to improve the quality of their lives through the businesses she runs. She has not only helped me personally and our Inventors organization on a number of occasions, she helps many others as well and I whole heartedly recommend her and her services.

Rich Aydelott
Kedma is an amazing entrepreneur. As the Small Business Services Officer for the Oregon Business Development Department I have worked closely with the Oregon Native American Business Enterprise Network and various other business service providers. Kedma contracts with these service providers as an expert business consultant and they in turn forward reports to my agency regarding the services provided to business owners. I have personally contacted small business owners on many occassions regarding the training, services, and consultation received from various consultants. The comments I have received about Kedma's consultations have always been positive and complimentary. Kedma also serves as a Council Member on the Oregon Small Business Advisory Council where she works and provides valuable input on behalf of Oregon business. Kedma is a visionary. She doesn't just talk about creative business ideas she pursues and accomplishes her goals and objectives. Kedma is a leader. She confidently but courteously provides her input and ideas in forums and committees that have major implications for the state of Oregon and its citizens. I believe she is destined to represent Oregon as a legislator or Senator in the near future.
Gabriel M. Silva

Kedma Ough is one of the sharpest and most insightful business women I know. When you want to achieve your goal enough to seek assistance, Kedma’s extraordinary combination of practical experience and intuition is the very best you can get. Clarity, know-how, creativity and above all the ability to listen are just a few of the profound skills she brings to bear on her client’s challenges. Opportunities are only turned into wealth through diligence, flexibility, and experimentation. She has helped many people with her wisdom. I have no hesitation in recommending Kedma for anyone’s endeavor. Brad Smith

Brad Smith

Kedma is an innovative, energetic and resourceful business coach and trainer. The successes of her clients speak volumes of her ability and vision.

Selena Yokoyama

Kedma is an energetic force catalyzing resources for local inventors. She is a passionate and talented advocate for her constituents, and they are lucky to have her on their side!

Angela Jackson

Kedma is a highly intelligent, creative, energetic person who is passionate about her work. Highly recommended.

David Orr

I've conducted workshops at many inventor, incubator & entrepreneur organizations over the past few years (over 1000 participants in 2009 alone). I've observed that the success of these organizations is largely dependent upon the quality and passion of their leadership. MIPO totally rocks and Kedma's leadership is clearly the primary driver of its spectacular success. Watch out world, Kedma is taking the innovation bull by the horns!

Ken Bloemer, Ph.D.

I first came to Kedma at MIPO in 2006, seeking insight into how best to take my invention to market. Through MIPO, and Kedma's tutelage, I was able to take maneuver the product through the patent phase, develop a business plan that allowed me to put together a team and raise investment capital, and finally launch our product on the market. It is fair to say that we would not have had the success we've had to date without her help. It is an understatement to say that Kedma replicates my success on a daily basis with numerous other clients as well.

Sean Scorvo

Kedma is well informed and has a positive approach that makes her work seem effortless while she moves mountains and scales tall buildings. She probably isn't technically a super hero, but to me she seems smart, creative, fresh, funny and unstoppable all in the same breath. Working with Kedma is a moving, empowering experience.

Mardee Brennan