Kedma was the Awsome young lady I reported to directly for writing my buisness plan,and assesing my buisness for Hand made quilts...she was AMAZING !!!! The hours and days she spent collecting all the information was definatly worth the investment ! She did an amazing amount of hard work ! My self-worth,and image improved,after a year spent with her !
Sarah Kinder

Kedma is passionate about sharing her expertise and assisting her clients in achieving their goals. She has a gift of revealing clarity and purpose. Her amazing energy and enthusiasm is contagious!

Rev. Christine Green
Kedma is very knowledgable and works hard to support her clients. She thinks 'outside of the box when looking for solutions to questions. I would recommend her to anyone wanting who wants to work with a professional
Donna Satterlee
Kedma Ough and her staff at Avita helped me start my business with some invaluable support. Not only is Kedma inspirational and knowledgeable she is truly innovative. Her impact on the local business community is immeasurable and she continues to inspire others to contribute their time and effort. Thank you Kedma.
Salvatore Apodaca
Salvatore Apodaca –
Owner, Webmaster and Graphic Designer

Kedma applies her knowledge of business, finance and self-employment to her work with her clientele. She is a strong advocate for entrepreneurs with disabilities and is passionate about assisting them to build strong foundations for their fledgling businesses. She is direct but not offensive, warm but not enabling. I recommend her and her staff highly.

Sheila Hoover

Kedma shows her compassion for the entrepreneur as Business Director at AVITA Business Center. She is committed to helping fledgling and existing business owners succeed. It has been my pleasure to work with her on several projects.

Yvette King

Kedma is extremely gifted with such brilliant ideas and concepts , and is able to help a person go above and beyond their expectations concerning their business ventures and endeavors.

Kay Castillo

I have worked with Kedma in two different capacities, and in two different industries. I first came to appreciate Kedma's professionalism and drive for excellence when she was a new hire trainer on my team at MCIWorldcom. Kedma quickly gained the skills required to plan, facilitate and successfully manage week-long training courses. Many years later I was honored to have Kedma hire me for a USBank Leadership seminar for VPs. During the training session, it was apparent that Kedma's management skills and professional competencies had grown exponentially since her time at MCI. I am honored to say that Kedma is now one of my trusted mentors.

Brian Deeds
Kedma is a lightening bolt and knows how to channel her energy into success for her clients. I am always delighted when she needs me to work on a project with her.
Anne O’Malley
Anne O’Malley – R.O.A.R. (Re-entry Organizations and Resouces)
Kedma is not only tremendously knowledgeable as a business consultant, but also deeply passionate about her work and about helping her clients succeed in their ventures. She is a gifted communicator, and crystal clear with her clients about what they need to do to succeed. She demonstrates complete commitment to all her clients and works side-by-side with them to move them to success.
Kim Breas
Kim Breas – Kareo
EHR and Practice Management Trainer
Kedma is a person who cares about her clients and is driven to give them more than they expect in everything she does with them. Where she could have built a successful business catering to anyone who needs business planning she concentrated on the hardest cases- minorities, women, and disabled people, and provides a high degree of service that they can't always expect. As she worked more closely with them and found areas where they needed help she couldn't provide, she put together the professionals and programs they needed to help them succeed. She developed this into her currently successful (and expanding) outreach program to individual inventors and entrepeneurs trying to enter the marketing/manufacturing/liscensing arena. Always, her focus was making sure the client got what they needed at a price they could afford, and making sure that they were treated with the utmost respect regardless of their sophistication in the field. Kedma is a joy to work with and to know, I recommend her whenever possible, and I look forward to working with her in the future.
Charles Letherwood – Arete Design, LLC
Design Director