Women Businesses

As a women-owned firm it is an honor to work with women that are starting and growing their businesses. While each industry is different there are many strategies and funding sources available to women.

Minority-Owned Business

Choosing to start a business may show the same statistics in any industry but it is completely different when you consider the business owner operating that business.

Disabled-Owned Business

For the last ten years AVITA has been training and advising enterpreneurs with disabilities.

As qualified business experts we have worked with a multitude of disabilities including service-disabiled veterans and supportive self-employment.


AVITA Business Center integrates small business consulting services with results driven training classes for women, minorities, and persons with disabilities that are starting or growing a business and for agencies seeking qualified business experts for business training and advising.

We have had experience in hundreds of industries. Our clients range from new businesses trying to get a start in their industry to large established corporations looking to improve their business margins in selected markets or through new marketing channels.

AVITA Director

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Changing our world together

Representing Women, Minorities and Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

AVITA provides a comprehensive portfolio and assessments tools designed to provide social entrepreneurs, innovators, and enterprises value driven services that foster the creation and dissemination of innovative results for the purpose of creating social, environmental and economic impact in the communities we serve.

We take pride in solving current challenges our clients face and work on finding solutions that bring collaborative partners, increased resources and profitable options that connect your company with the community, and the industries it services.





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Clients & Testimonials

What our clients are saying about us

  • Mark Bishop
    The Art of Mark Bishop
  • Lannie Kiehn
    Lannie's Upholstery
  • Jon Schriever
  • Amber Rose Dullea
  • Ryan Skelton
    Path to Change, PTC Therapy
  • Kedma is the most dynamic, energetic, and professional business leader and entrepreneur I've worked with in Portland. She is passionate about her business and the non-profit she founded, as well as an incredible resource assisting entrepreneurs and inventors in growing their business.
    Carroll Bernard – Viking Government Services
  • She does it for all the right reasons...Kedma cares as deeply as anyone can about the issues inventors face in our industry. She's a self starter, with a sharp mind and a huge heart.
    Mark T. Reyland – United Inventors Association of America
    Executive Director
  • AVITA is a leader in their field. They are very knowledgeable about Business Concepts, Planning and Feasibility Assessments . Their ideas are innovative and to the point. If you are looking for success in your field, I highly recommend AVITA to help achieve it.
  • Kedma Ough is highly respected among her colleagues for her willingness and ability to provide professional business guidance and counsel. She has been instrumental in helping many perspective business owners follow their dreams and succeed, including myself. She is highly organized, diligent in her paperwork, easily reachable, and takes pride in always being on time. Kedma has had an amazing impact on the appearance and functionality of the Avita Business office. Through her strong leadership I have come to learn and adapt my ideas and concepts of being a professional to a system that was created for success and proven over the years to hold true. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Kedma Ough will gain great insight from her knowledge and is guaranteed to be on the road to a successful career. I could not feel more honored and privileged to have Kedma as my mentor, I will be forever indebted to her.
    Josh Tomac
    Josh Tomac – Tomac Solutions, L.L.C.
  • Kedma's amazing ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets is no news. Her extensive business experience aligned with her academic background makes her an invaluable resource to work with. Nothing new there for who works and knows Kedma... More importantly she is a personable, caring and dedicated human being to greater causes and benefit to others than herself. She is fun, smart and a great resource to have in your network!
    Rodrigo Geaorge
    Rodrigo George, PMP
  • If you like straight forward, reliable and detailed knowledge without the sugar coat, Kedma is the person you want to work with. I came into her program without any expectations and totally beat down from this stagnant economy. From our very first meeting, my hunger for success has been reignited by her..thank you Kedma!!

    Larry Covert, Jr.
  • Kedma has played a paramount role in the development of my invention and subsequent company setup. She has a very in depth knowledge of the process, is very intelligent, and knows how to get things done. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to bring their idea to market.
    Marcus Duffin
    Marcus Duffin – Oral HEALTH Outreach
    Director of Marketing and Strategy
  • PIVOT Job Corps recently had the honor of hosting Kedma for a guest speaking engagement. Kedma provided a motivational presentation that inspired the female Job Corps population. Kedma has a natural way of engaging her audience while empowering them to set and reach their goals.
    Elizabeth Beal
    Elizabeth Beal – Parker + Lynch
    Executive Recruiter
  • My experience was profound! Spiritual in some sense and insightful on every level of business for me when I had my consultation with Kedma. Kedma insight was pure wisdom worth a million thank you's" and more! and still that is not enough. To anyone seeking Kedma services will be in great hands and support. Kedma will listen and hear you as she replies back with straight forward impulse of clear communication for you to be inform and understand filled with knowledge. Please seek Kedma out for your business. Kedma will guide you and direct you in areas where you need for you and your company to have the opportunity to THRIVE!"
    Chad Brown M.Sc.
    Chad Brown M.Sc.
    Creative Director / Designer • Photographer
  • Kedma has been an amazing resource for me from developing my product to finding innovative ways to target specific markets and get the results I am looking for. Her knowledge is invaluable and I am looking forward to many more projects to come. Thanks so much, Kedma!

    Jenny Peters
  • Kedma is knowledgable & thorough, high expertise and professionalism.

    Elizabeth Salerno
  • I recently had the opportunity to meet with Kedma regarding some future business ideas. I found her very knowledgeable, informed and willing to assist me in my goals both current and future. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a professional opinion and guidance on business planning and look forward to continuing to work with Kedma as my business goals become reality.

    Beth Rohleder – Insurance Analyst
  • Kedma works tirelessly in her pursuit of perfection. We used her services to negotiate terms on a patent royalty agreement and she was able to turn around results in record time. This feedback from her and her team is invaluable to us. Thanks Kedma!
    Jon Schaeffer
    Jon Schaeffer – LAM Research
    Sr. Engineering Manager
  • Kedma is the best professional business director for business success seekers. Thank you Kedma
    Amal Cooley
    Amal Cooley
    Business Entreprenuer
  • When my husband and I met with Kedma, I had my mind set in one direction. After meeting with her, my husband was relieved to see that I had finally become open minded. Kedma was masterful in helping me see the big picture.

    Shemia Fagan
  • I am drawn to Kedma for her enthusiasm to strengthen and help progress people and small businesses. She is a superb motivator, and I look forward to a continued relationship.
    Christine Eichorn
    Christine Eichorn
    Multi-Disciplined Designer
  • Kedma is a leader in her field. She is very knowledgeable about business concepts. Her ideas are innovative and to the point. If you are looking for success in your field, I recommend Kedma to help achieve it.

    Mei Wong
  • I was one of the student that was truly inspired by Kedma's motivational speech. Thank you again.

    Ashley Parker
  • On Friday the 21st of May, 2010, I had the wonderful opportunity of listening to Kedma give an Informational/Motivational presentation in my class. She was a pure joy and an inspiration to us all! Kedma is a wealth of invaluable resources. Sincerely, Trina

    Trina Chappelle
  • Kedma is an invaluable resource to inventors and emerging entrepreneurs. She has a wealth of knowledge about all of the 'ins and outs' of the process of bringing a product to the market and is passionate about helping these individuals reach their goals efficiently and effectively. In addition, Kedma is 'a ball of fire' and a sheer delight to work with!

    Katie Kelley
  • I've enjoyed collaborating on inventor-related projects with Kedma. She's focused, energetic and competent, and I welcome her as an emerging force in the inventor assistance community. Kedma Ough is one of a precious few professionals making truly selfless investment in helping America's entrepreneurs and innovators.

    Don Kelly, CLPâ„¢
  • Kedma, has exceptional business skills and passion for what ever she does, this makes for a powerful conbination. Kedma ran our agencies Womens Business Center in Pima County, Arizona, she grew it from an idea to a very successful 5 year program, which is still going strong many years later. I remember when the SBA District Director would come into our office with his staff he always remarked on the high energy level that he felt. This level of energy was their because of Kedma and her leadship. What a wonderful gift it was to have worked with Kedma! Rosalyn Boxer

    Rosalyn Boxer
  • I find Kedma an extremely bright, creative and passionate advocate for independent inventors. Her curiosity in exploring issues critical to inventors is impressive, matched by her resolve finding real solutions. Add a sense of humor, a comforting ability to put those around her at ease and a strong desire to give something back to the inventor community, and you have all the ingredients for a special person.

    Warren Tuttle
  • Kedma has soo many skills it's hard to write them all down. Kedma was my first 'Boss' after relocating to Portland. She was open, straight talking and honest something that always brings the best out in her team. I enjoyed working/ learning from her. Her door was always open to everyone who walked through it. She has solid ties to the community and truly believes in making it a better place for those seeking to improve the local economy.

    Claire Pierpoint
  • Kedma is a power-house! She has the passion to help underserved populations achieve their dreams, and she has the business acumen to ensure that her efforts are sustainable. What a great asset she is to Portland and the rest of Oregon!

    Valerie Plummer
  • I heard Kedma give an energizing presentation at an event I attended. What an inspiration she is! If you want your crowd to be inspired and take away knowledge they can put to use immediately to improve their own life and the lives of others, I can think of no one better than Kedma!

    Tia Ribary
  • Kedma knew just how to guide me toward the development of my courage when dreaming and planning my business. Her business acumen and attunement to the pulse of the industry created a clear guiding light! She's personable and results oriented and our work together left me with a dynamic plan!

    Jacke Schroeder, MSW, LCSW-C
  • Kedma is one of the most passionate, dedicated professionals I have ever met. She is creative, dynamic and visionary. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for great advice and resources.

    Michael Doss
  • Kedma was a pleasure to work with. She helped me to construct a business plan for my company. She listened and helped to commit my thoughts and goals to paper. She did an amazing job, and the process was a pleasure rather than a battle. She also recommended my company for a Wells Fargo dt_testimonials video which has proven to be a great tool for helping the national expansion of my business. I look forward to working with Kedma more and highly recommend her to a business owner in any capacity.

    Mary Lou Burton
  • Kedma is a professional who has a demonstrated track record and commitment to small disdavantaged businesses.

    Tony Jones
  • I had the privilege of working on Mentoring Programs with Kedma when she was with Women's Business Center in Tucson, AZ. She is the ultimate professional, focused on results with a passion yet personable and fun to be around.

    Jim Parker
  • Words are not sufficient to describe Kedma Ough. This is because she is a continuously moving target, constantly growing, evolving, and adapting to changes in her surroundings. This is when she is not making the changes happen herself. Kedma is bright and quick-witted without pretense, business-focused accompanied by passionate interpersonal communication, and proned to alternating intensity with laughter. She will follow up on her committments and deliver more than what was asked of her. Kedma is the best person to be an advocate for you, and will draw on her formidable resources to solve problems. I am fortunate to know her, and she has inspired me to ignore barriers and dream big.

    Gregory Wolley, MS
  • Kedma Ough is an amazing Executive Director and individual. She is the force and inspiration behind many projects that I have worked with her in. Ms. Ough is a constant professional who uses her intelligience and heart to help clients succeed in their business dreams. Kedma is my mentor and I enjoy working with her everyday!

    Samantha Sproson, MBA
  • Kedma and her group are an incredible resource for new ventures, start ups and inventors. They were always 100% behind us in our efforts. They helped us tap into many different valuable resources and connections as well as provide excellent advice and feedback. I highly recommend Kedma and her group's services.

    Richard Miller
  • Kedma is a highly organized and hard working professional who cares deeply about the success of her clients. We've helped each other in several areas over the past five years, including her helping me with one of my clients' business plans, and with devising and executing strategies to grow her organization. I enjoy working with Kedma, I learn from her, and I am continually impressed with her.

    Tom Cox
  • I recently worked on putting together several proposals for youth development funding for a community organization. Kedma saw my update on LinkedIn and contacted me to find out what she could do to help. At this point, I had only 24 hours to finalize the presentation but Kedma did not let that stop her. She took off like a rocket and I am not exaggerating. She spent the next 14 hours expanding one of the initial proposals into one of the coolest ideas I have ever seen! I was absolutely stunned by the amount of work she put in, at the last second, with no expectation of return. Her dedication to even this small project earned my respect and admiration and a strong desire to work with her to make it happen. She is an incredible asset to any team.
    Marie Daniels
  • If you ever have a client that is entrepreneurial, has a great idea and looking to take it to market, then you need to have them meet with Kedma. With her expertise’s and contact base, she can help those that have a great idea but do not qualify within bank parameters. She is truly the entrepreneur’s friend.

    David Saltzman
  • Kedma has my highest recommendation as a professional well versed in her consulting field of business development and self-employment opportunities. She is an expert at feasibility analysis for product development and self-employment. I enjoyed working with her and continue to work with her in another capacity and it's great.
    Christine Knapp
    Christine Knapp
    Executive Director InventSuccess
  • Kedma is a super woman!!! We attended the 2009 Emerge Oregon program together. Her focus on innovation, small businesses and entrepreneurship led to us having great conversations about future projects given my patent law background. Kedma also taught me a lot about the Jewish faith, for which I am deeply grateful. It was wonderful to develop a deep friendship and come together as Oregon business women. I would highly recommend her!!!

    Saba Ahmed
  • I have known and worked with Kedma for more than 8 years and find her professional, intelligent, compassionate and insightful. She works diligently on behalf of her clients and understands their needs. More importantly, Kedma is resourceful and can facilitate progress toward the business goals.
    Celia Barlow
    Celia Barlow
    Estate Planning and Corporate Attorney
  • Kedma and her company provide great service. She's creative, enthusiastic, professional, and a lot of fun to work with. I recommend her highly.
    Barry Mack
    Barry Mack – Barry Mack Art, LLC
  • The Portland micro-enterprise community is blessed to have such a passionate dynamo in Kedma working on their behalf. Her advocacy and mentoring empowers people of all backgrounds to take their ideas and dreams and make them reality. She's an inspiration!

    Sarah Keefe
  • I have most recently been associated with Kedma Ough through the Oregon Small Business Advisory Council where we are fellow members of this Governor's appointed council. Kedma will play an important advisory role for Oregon’s small businesses, especially because of her knowledge and experience with disability and innovation in small business. Kedma's perspective is essential in helping to inform OECDD staff and in turn, in advising the Governor on small business policies. She has brought a level enthusiasm I seldom witness in boards and committees. Her communication skills and ability to stay-on-task are exceptional.
    Bridget Bayer
    Bridget Bayer – Historic Parkrose NPI
    District Manager
  • Kedma is a well grounded individual with a business sense that we could all learn from, and she uses that business sense to motivate others.

    Ramona Thornton
  • I was a volunteer at Avita & Associates for two and a half years. During this time I worked closely with Kedma and her non-profit programs including the Micro-Inventors Program of Oregon. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from her. I admire Kedma’s vision and dedication to positively impacting communities. With her broad expertise and sincere interest in supporting especially disadvantaged people, she has helped many clients.
    Antje Terayama
    Antje Terayama – Scandinavian Heritage Foundation
    Database Administrator/Office Assitant
  • Kedma is an amazing woman. Her grasp of the business world from a marketing and creative process are always spot on. She can thnk around many different situations quickly and I am sure she cannot talk as fast as her mind races....AND She Can TALK !! She is a terrific person - ALWAYS on YOUR side !!!!

    Lorraine Spiering
  • To know Kedma is to be amazed by her knowledge, skill, dedication, perseverance and long list of accomplishments. She is a true powerhouse and definitely someone you want in your corner as a proven champion for people who works tirelessly to improve the quality of their lives through the businesses she runs. She has not only helped me personally and our Inventors organization on a number of occasions, she helps many others as well and I whole heartedly recommend her and her services.

    Rich Aydelott
  • Kedma is an amazing entrepreneur. As the Small Business Services Officer for the Oregon Business Development Department I have worked closely with the Oregon Native American Business Enterprise Network and various other business service providers. Kedma contracts with these service providers as an expert business consultant and they in turn forward reports to my agency regarding the services provided to business owners. I have personally contacted small business owners on many occassions regarding the training, services, and consultation received from various consultants. The comments I have received about Kedma's consultations have always been positive and complimentary. Kedma also serves as a Council Member on the Oregon Small Business Advisory Council where she works and provides valuable input on behalf of Oregon business. Kedma is a visionary. She doesn't just talk about creative business ideas she pursues and accomplishes her goals and objectives. Kedma is a leader. She confidently but courteously provides her input and ideas in forums and committees that have major implications for the state of Oregon and its citizens. I believe she is destined to represent Oregon as a legislator or Senator in the near future.
    Gabriel M. Silva
  • Kedma Ough is one of the sharpest and most insightful business women I know. When you want to achieve your goal enough to seek assistance, Kedma’s extraordinary combination of practical experience and intuition is the very best you can get. Clarity, know-how, creativity and above all the ability to listen are just a few of the profound skills she brings to bear on her client’s challenges. Opportunities are only turned into wealth through diligence, flexibility, and experimentation. She has helped many people with her wisdom. I have no hesitation in recommending Kedma for anyone’s endeavor. Brad Smith

    Brad Smith
  • Kedma is an innovative, energetic and resourceful business coach and trainer. The successes of her clients speak volumes of her ability and vision.

    Selena Yokoyama
  • Kedma is an energetic force catalyzing resources for local inventors. She is a passionate and talented advocate for her constituents, and they are lucky to have her on their side!

    Angela Jackson
  • Kedma is a highly intelligent, creative, energetic person who is passionate about her work. Highly recommended.

    David Orr
  • I've conducted workshops at many inventor, incubator & entrepreneur organizations over the past few years (over 1000 participants in 2009 alone). I've observed that the success of these organizations is largely dependent upon the quality and passion of their leadership. MIPO totally rocks and Kedma's leadership is clearly the primary driver of its spectacular success. Watch out world, Kedma is taking the innovation bull by the horns!

    Ken Bloemer, Ph.D.
  • I first came to Kedma at MIPO in 2006, seeking insight into how best to take my invention to market. Through MIPO, and Kedma's tutelage, I was able to take maneuver the product through the patent phase, develop a business plan that allowed me to put together a team and raise investment capital, and finally launch our product on the market. It is fair to say that we would not have had the success we've had to date without her help. It is an understatement to say that Kedma replicates my success on a daily basis with numerous other clients as well.

    Sean Scorvo
  • Kedma is well informed and has a positive approach that makes her work seem effortless while she moves mountains and scales tall buildings. She probably isn't technically a super hero, but to me she seems smart, creative, fresh, funny and unstoppable all in the same breath. Working with Kedma is a moving, empowering experience.

    Mardee Brennan
  • Kedma was the Awsome young lady I reported to directly for writing my buisness plan,and assesing my buisness for Hand made quilts...she was AMAZING !!!! The hours and days she spent collecting all the information was definatly worth the investment ! She did an amazing amount of hard work ! My self-worth,and image improved,after a year spent with her !
    Sarah Kinder
  • Kedma is passionate about sharing her expertise and assisting her clients in achieving their goals. She has a gift of revealing clarity and purpose. Her amazing energy and enthusiasm is contagious!

    Rev. Christine Green
  • Kedma is very knowledgable and works hard to support her clients. She thinks 'outside of the box when looking for solutions to questions. I would recommend her to anyone wanting who wants to work with a professional
    Donna Satterlee
  • Kedma Ough and her staff at Avita helped me start my business with some invaluable support. Not only is Kedma inspirational and knowledgeable she is truly innovative. Her impact on the local business community is immeasurable and she continues to inspire others to contribute their time and effort. Thank you Kedma.
    Salvatore Apodaca
    Salvatore Apodaca – OldWestPokerSupplies.com
    Owner, Webmaster and Graphic Designer
  • Kedma applies her knowledge of business, finance and self-employment to her work with her clientele. She is a strong advocate for entrepreneurs with disabilities and is passionate about assisting them to build strong foundations for their fledgling businesses. She is direct but not offensive, warm but not enabling. I recommend her and her staff highly.

    Sheila Hoover
  • Kedma shows her compassion for the entrepreneur as Business Director at AVITA Business Center. She is committed to helping fledgling and existing business owners succeed. It has been my pleasure to work with her on several projects.

    Yvette King
  • Kedma is extremely gifted with such brilliant ideas and concepts , and is able to help a person go above and beyond their expectations concerning their business ventures and endeavors.

    Kay Castillo
  • I have worked with Kedma in two different capacities, and in two different industries. I first came to appreciate Kedma's professionalism and drive for excellence when she was a new hire trainer on my team at MCIWorldcom. Kedma quickly gained the skills required to plan, facilitate and successfully manage week-long training courses. Many years later I was honored to have Kedma hire me for a USBank Leadership seminar for VPs. During the training session, it was apparent that Kedma's management skills and professional competencies had grown exponentially since her time at MCI. I am honored to say that Kedma is now one of my trusted mentors.

    Brian Deeds
  • Kedma is a lightening bolt and knows how to channel her energy into success for her clients. I am always delighted when she needs me to work on a project with her.
    Anne O’Malley
    Anne O’Malley – R.O.A.R. (Re-entry Organizations and Resouces)
  • Kedma is not only tremendously knowledgeable as a business consultant, but also deeply passionate about her work and about helping her clients succeed in their ventures. She is a gifted communicator, and crystal clear with her clients about what they need to do to succeed. She demonstrates complete commitment to all her clients and works side-by-side with them to move them to success.
    Kim Breas
    Kim Breas – Kareo
    EHR and Practice Management Trainer
  • Kedma is a person who cares about her clients and is driven to give them more than they expect in everything she does with them. Where she could have built a successful business catering to anyone who needs business planning she concentrated on the hardest cases- minorities, women, and disabled people, and provides a high degree of service that they can't always expect. As she worked more closely with them and found areas where they needed help she couldn't provide, she put together the professionals and programs they needed to help them succeed. She developed this into her currently successful (and expanding) outreach program to individual inventors and entrepeneurs trying to enter the marketing/manufacturing/liscensing arena. Always, her focus was making sure the client got what they needed at a price they could afford, and making sure that they were treated with the utmost respect regardless of their sophistication in the field. Kedma is a joy to work with and to know, I recommend her whenever possible, and I look forward to working with her in the future.
    Charles Letherwood – Arete Design, LLC
    Design Director

Some of our Recent Clients

Feasibility Assessments, Business Planning and Coaching & Advising

We provide women, minorities, and persons with disabilities with the tools to build thriving businesses.

We are out-of-the box thinkers and as long as its legal nothing is off the table for discussion and

we treat each business like a unique fingerprint tailoring our services to the specific situation.

Our Skills & Services

Who We Are & What We Do

What we are good at

AVITA is an economic development firm with a focus on supporting innovative, sustainable businesses. Companies hire AVITA to analyze concpets, develop markets, or obtaining financing resources that transform their businesses into efficient social enterprises.
Feasibility Assessment 90%
Business Planning 80%
Coaching And Advising 70%
Training Programs 45%

Feasibility studies can be used in many ways but primarily focus on proposed business ventures. Farmers and others with a business idea should conduct a feasibility study to determine the viability of their idea before proceeding with the development of a business. Determining early that a business idea will not work saves time, money and heartache later.

Our business plans don’t sit on a shelf and collect dust. There are actionable, tangible, and measurable plans that client’s use everyday to build small business machines.

A business plan is any plan that works for a business to look ahead, allocate resources, focus on key points, and prepare for problems and opportunities. Unfortunately, many people think of business plans only for starting a new business or applying for business loans. But they are also vital for running a business, whether or not the business needs new loans or new investments. Businesses need plans to optimize growth and development according to priorities.

  • Executive Summary

  • Company Description

  • Product or Service

  • Market Analysis

  • Strategy and Implementation

  • Management Team

  • Financial Plan

  • Branding


Our team provides immediate results in our coaching sessions. Clients can walk away with one hour of support and have 3 or more action items that will support their goals.


Avita Business Center offers YOU high quality informative training programs and can help with Minority Certifications Programs designed for both visionaries and implementers.


The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. It includes the coordination of four elements called the 4 P’s of marketing:
(1) identification, selection and development of a product,
(2) determination of its price,
(3) selection of a distribution channel to reach the customer’s place, and
(4) development and implementation of a promotional strategy.

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Here is what Kedma said to me at the end of our interview: “We have an obligation to show people how to live in a world where they wake up excited every day.”

I don’t know if I’ve ever heard someone speak their mission so clearly.

Kedma is a champion for aspiring entrepreneurs and business builders. She overcame her own struggles years ago and figured out how to rise above them with the perspective that she will remove obstacles for anyone that has the desire to succeed.

Kedma is the founder of Avita Business Center and the Executive Director of MIPO, a non-profit organization providing resources, training, and advising to inventors and entrepreneurs.

Kedma has dedicated her life to showing others how to remove obstacles, find available funding and bootstrap businesses with honest straightforward guidance.

As a nationally respected leader, business educator, economic development consultant, and author, her advice has given insight to thousands of entrepreneurs seeking ways to achieve their business goals.

It’s truly an honor to be featuring Kedma as a guest on this show.

Michael Knouse
The Startup Sessions ~ Create a Life of Freedom Through a Business With Soul
Entrepreneur | Startup Coach | Show Host
The Startup Sessions Show http://www.thestartupsessions.com